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 What are Non-Playing Characters?

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PostSubject: What are Non-Playing Characters?   Sun Sep 27, 2015 7:25 pm

Non-Playing Characters
Before you get on your high horse believing you know the answer to this, wait momentarily and listen to our system we've created. It seems rather misleading, however Non-Playing Character's are actually role-played by the community. All NPC means is your character cannot adventure, leaving the proximity of their villages where they're capable of starting businesses dependent on their Stat's. That's right, just like adventurers Non-Playing Character's have stats too! Their stat's max at 100 SP, capable of mastering one of the art's specified below. Each stat maxes at 100. In order to gain 1 SP towards a branch, one must create an item of the level they're capable of. Each character is given 10 SP to start off. Characters do have the authority to distribute their stat's in individual arts instead of mastering one however we usually do not recommend it in most case scenarios. Character's are capable of transferring the funds to their adventurer for a small fee which is explained within the next topic.

Believe it or not, hunting plays a major role when it comes to instant health within the realm of Sacred Quest. Dependent on an individual's skill, they may be capable of cooking you something half decent or the best damn dish of your life! Cooking varies from any dish the character desires whether it may be stew's, frying meat, preparing special dishes, you name it. You must write 500 words stating how you prepared the dish while serving it or storing it for later. Below are the Statistics of what you'll benefit in cooking depending on your stat's.

  • [1-20] - Pray that your guests are polite enough to not say a single word about the taste of your dry, tasteless cooking. However, since you're capable of putting meat on a fire a meal cooked at this level can heal up to 20 Hit Points.
  • [21-40] - Even though your cooking isn't the tastiest, one shouldn't have any hesitation on keeping it down. With basic knowledge of prepping meats and common seasonings, a meal cooked at this level can heal up to 40 Hit Points.
  • [41-60] - You wouldn't consider yourself a chef, however you're definitely qualified to work in an establishment which may require one. With great knowledge of different plates and special seasonings, a meal cooked at this level can heal up to 60 Hit Points.
  • [61-80] -  A chef of such level could easily qualify to become a Monarchy's personal cook if they proved themselves trust worthy and loyal. Using unique seasoning's and traditional old-fashion cooking tactics, a meal cooked at this level can heal up to 80 Hit Points.
  • [81-100] - Even a Monarch hadn't tasted such heavenly savory food in their existence, willingly paying well in order to receive such a wondrous meal. Such a delight is capable of healing up to 100 Hit Points.

Without farming, obtaining necessary vegetation such as fruits and vegetables can prove difficult whenever civilization's begin to rapidly grow like wild-fie. Therefore farming is a necessity within the role-play, taking on the role the both planting and harvesting crops in order to sell them to larger businesses or local's to make a living. Time is a farmer's worst enemy when it comes to their crop, the process of farming specific plants is dependent on your skill level, increasing the time it takes for a crop to grow. Vegetation which is harder to maintain will require a hire level to tamper with it, dying on any character who doesn't meet the required level necessary. You must write 500 words prepping the dish in order for it to be legit. Below shows the specified level necessary to decrease the amount of time necessary for vegetation to grow while allowing farmer's to grow plants which are hard to maintain.

  • [1-20] - Maybe you should try another past time, hopefully you didn't invest your savings to this business. With your luck, you'll be capable of growing D-Ranked Vegetation with 5 plants every 5 hours.
  • [21-40] - It seems you have basic knowledge of agriculture, having your plants properly laid out protected with a rock wall. With enough studying you'll learn how to grow C-Ranked Vegetation with 10 plants every 5 hours.
  • [41-60] - You may not be an expert, however you're definitely a worthy member of a small group. Your knowledge proves to be more than helpful, capable of growing B-Ranked vegetation with 15 plants every 5 hours.
  • [61-80] - If you're not a certified farmer by now you're clearly mad. Friends respect you for your vast knowledge within the art of farming, capable of growing some of the finest vegetation up to A-Ranked with 20 plants every 5 hours.
  • [81-100] - You're renown, strangers approach you public begging you for tips and suggestions on a daily basis. With expertise like yours, growing X-Ranked vegetation is unbelievably difficult however capable. Not only can farmers of this level grow 25 plants every 5 hours, they're capable of cropping down a plant every 10 minutes.

Without blacksmith's civilization's wouldn't have the weaponry and armory they do today. Working with heats hot enough to melt flesh, these adrenaline-loving character's strive on forging the best work possible in order to make a living. When given the proper materials blacksmith's may be capable of unlocking hidden abilities which may give their item an elemental or stat bonus. This is dependent on the elemental of the item and the skill of the blacksmith the item is given to. Look below in order to see the different level's of mastery a character may unravel with enough training. In order to create an item, one must write 500 words about the process receiving 1 SP towards blacksmithing.

  • [1-20] - You call that a blade? Sure, it may be able to cut something however it's completely bent out of shape and warped! You'll be lucky to classify that as D-Ranked weaponry/armory doing 20 STR / 20 DEF.
  • [21-40] - Perhaps your metalwork isn't as horrible as people say, though your armory isn't perfect. However your blades seem decently straight and sharp, seeming to be C-Ranked weaponry/armory doing 40 STR/DEF.
  • [41-60] - Have you been at this for awhile? Sure your stuff isn't pretty to look at however it's durability and finesse is one to compliment. With the blood and sweat put into this weaponry, it'd be classified as B-Ranked weaponry/armory doing 60 STR/DEF.
  • [61-80] - Your work is known locally while your name floats person to person. With blacksmithing skill's as fine as yours, one shouldn't be working for anyone lower than the military crafting A-Ranked weaponry/armory doing 80 STR/DEF.
  • [81-100] - Only rumors about legendary blacksmith's continue to travel the lands, humanity incapable of discovering anyone who's willing to give their identity. The rumor goes that whenever a Legendary Beast drops a Sacred material one will only provide their skill, capable of unlocking hidden potentials within the X-Ranked weaponry/armor capable of doing 100 STR/DEF.

How Can I Sell My Products?
Selling your products is easier than ever, however you're going to need to purchase a house from the Monarch of lord land first off. The size doesn't necessarily matter, however you must be realistic with measurements of your proximity and your merchandise. Every NPC is given an automatic license which is used to prove they're capable of selling the goods they have, which you'll package and hand over to a customer handing you money POST TO POST. Once completed, find administration and/or moderation in order to approve of the trade to successfully complete a purchase! Easy, right?
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What are Non-Playing Characters?
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