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 Character Class System. (Full Guide 1.0)

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PostSubject: Character Class System. (Full Guide 1.0)   Tue Oct 04, 2016 7:48 pm

So you want to be a fierce Warrior of Sacred Quest, eh? Wanting to become a noble Knight of the land? Here’s all the information you need to know about the most diverse class of SacredQuest. These fierce individuals look forward to clearing dungeons, showing mastery through weapons, and conquering the battlefield.

In order to advance in Ranks, individual's must reach higher Ranking overall. After being promoted to Knight Ranking a player is capable of choosing a secondary class becoming their new primary. To keep this simplistic, we chose four starter classes to choose from below. Please be wary as you cannot change this decision later on. Read thoroughly through the first four in order to choose your first class. Not only will this determine your character's abilities within the roleplay, weaponry must be noted as each Class is locked to a various amount of arsenal.

First Specialty's

Warrior - The Warrior Specialization, are skilled combatants that make use of incredibly powerful weaponry and heavy armory. Warriors rely on heavy platted armors, blunt weapons, and intensely sharp swords. Many have the option to tank or giving out mass amounts of damage. The Warrior is versatile and skilled in a plethora of areas. This specialization is capable of learning the Arcane Arts or Magick dependent on their skill points, although some fields shall be limited. Warrior class lack in other combat orientated skills, but find ways to quickly overcome these obstacles.  

Clerics: Clerics are usually individuals who take religion orders to another level. Originally Clerics decided on being soldiers of their ‘Great Divine’, who blessed them with abilities to protect those who are pure. Clerics have an adventuring lifestyle, many are expected negotiate peace between the civilizations to create a better world. Maintaining connections between people and their Divine. Clerics use magic, which have been given to them from The Templars to inspire allies within combat, healing those who are going to fall, and bless those who are under spells and cursed. Divine magick or also known as ‘Divinity or Light’ is powers from the Templars themselves, which can cause miraculous damage and effects. Clerics also converse between magic and melee combat skills. Using small blunt maces and hammers for aggressive approach, and small shields to give themselves stable protection against close combat enemies.

Rogue: Rogues are fierce damage dealers. They are equipped with a large array of skills that are made for taking their opponent down quickly and quietly. Primarily Rogues excel at using their stealth and the darkness as an advantage for killing their target, if they can strike quickly and unseen; or flank an opponent. They can be valuable in any fight. Roguery is seen more as a professional art. Those who seek to go down this field find it very adventurous as they are exploring the world. They always have a place. Rogues are versatile in combat using daggers and hand-hand close combat. They make excellent infiltrators, spies, and adventurers. Mainly using light to no armor at all to get around quickly and unseen. Rogues are capable of providing devastating assaults onto their enemies. Many of them are trained for their entire lives to learn how to manipulate their shadows.

Sorcerer: Sorcerers are often very powerful being of the Arcane Arts and Magick. Sorcerers are have the magical ability, which can be insanely powerful. Whilst in combat Sorcerers do amazing amounts of damage (regarding their stats

So, you've made it to Knight Rank? Bah! Here I didn't have much expectation's for you... Anyhow, welcome to the higher up's, kid. Try not to strut your stuff just because you've reached a Secondary Specialization, although don't be afraid to embrace your own pride. Below are the Path's of Divinity which were foretold the day you had chose your first Specialty, branching off into two decision per Class. Again, this decision is permanent so choose wisely.

Secondary Specialty's

Brutes: Brutes are often spending the day looking for good fights and battles. They will look for problems to solve and ending huge wars.  Brutes have high tendency to start fights even when its not needed. Warriors who go down the Brute Specialization are high and mighty tough individuals who focus on further increasing their power, skills, and energy. Brutes aren’t exactly easy to get along with and often cruel. Using their muscles and huge figure to get what they want. They often worship the divine for strength, intellect, and war. Often not working together with Clerics, Paladins, or Priest. Brutes often focus more on tank and as an offensive component. Brutes are known for power attacks that let them do massive amounts of damage, and improve armor for toughness, allowing them to shrug off attacks from other people. Brute armory is basic; they rely on heavy Hammers, Axes, and Long Swords.

Swordsmen: Swordsmen are the exact opposite of Brutes. Swordsmen are more relaxed and relatively calm in the act of combat. Relying on quick and sneak way to conquer their opponent. Analyzing the battlefield, allowing him to use his skills and sword to obliterate their enemy. Swordsmen in battle are used for establishing massive amounts of damage, although they’re extremely weak. Swordsmen value their skills, using their reflexes to avoid conflict. They admire the fighters who match up to their mastery. Well suited for close combat, and able to kill enemies directly. Relying on Strength, Speed, and Intelligence. Swordsmen use proficient light armor and simple sword; many of their abilities require a sword. Swordsmen tend to carry shields in order to better defend themselves within combat. Swordsmen usually train at extremely young age, training their skills to become deadly whilst progressing forward.

If anyone does not love thy divine, let them be accursed; let them be accursed. Our Divine shall come, Amen. Shall we spread the word of the Templars and Great Divine? Here’s all the information you need to know about the sacred class of SacredQuest. These religious folk look forward to receiving massive amounts of damage, cooperating with allies, and cleansing the darkness.

Paladins: Paladins swore upon the Divine to protect the weak, bring justice to those who are unjust, and to vanquish evil from darkest places in the world. They are blessed to give inspiration to all that is good in the world, and revive those that are evil. Paladins are given simple codes from ‘The Templars’, these codes insist of respecting those of higher power, help those who are in need, and punish those who are harmful to the innocent. Paladins are extremely honest, loyal, and have high honor. They may never work for unjust knowingly. Although Paladins can be evil. Paladins are useful in groups of allies. Paladins are excellent tanks, accessing the ability to run through multiple mobs at the same time and taking little to absolutely no damage at all. They have auras, blessings, and buffs that provide allies with insane damage boost and strengthening their defense.

Priest: Priest are encumbered by the spiritual and divine parts of their faith. They express their faith by serving the people who are good, but also evil. They reside within their Temples, serving those thy word of ‘The Divine’ to ultimately inherit and uplift their blessings. As Priest are capable of mastering the divinity and light, giving them the ability to revive and restore wounded or dying allies, shield and aid them in battle, or even resurrect those who are able from the dead. In addition to their aid, they can unleash powerful light upon their enemies. Using powers given from ‘The Templars’ directly. Priest serves as holy figures to the people, but also powerful blessing from ‘The Divine’.

Do not fear the Darkness, but simply welcome its Embrace. Welcome to the road of the Rogue. Rogues only care about 2 things, their honor and killing their enemy or target. Lethal Assassins and masters of stealth. Forcefully attacking their opponent when they least expect it and vanishing into the darkness moving onto their next target. Here is all the information you need to obtain about the Rogue Specialization.

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Character Class System. (Full Guide 1.0)
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