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 What are Skill Points?

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PostSubject: What are Skill Points?   Sat Sep 26, 2015 1:49 pm

Skill Points & Distribution
 Skill Points are used in order to calculate your character's capabilities and physical statistics. This prevents any form of "God Modding, favoring unfair odds, etc." While Skill points benefit the community from biased role-players, they're a large part of character progression. Whether one may spend their lives training morning till dusk, complete every quest or simply socialize with other individual's any word count up to 500 shall result in receiving 1 SP. Dependent on your current ranking your Monarchy may bestow before you an individual's capable of learning a set amount of Skill Points. One is capable of maxing up to the set amount of Skill Points in every Stat, however in order to excel past limitations a character must have a Stat Booster. Each Stat has been categorized below specifying which does what and why you'd desire to gain a Mastery.

Strength is a character's general physique, that and their physical prowess. While training in Strength, your anatomy slowly tones as you begin to gain muscle. The less Strength you have, the slimmer your character will appear. Maxing the Stat gives the character in-comprehensive physical power, seemingly a walking catastrophe. However, every Stat Point in Strength is deducted out of the character's speed due to their anatomy's size. (Example: If an individual has 32 Strength, they must deduct -32 out of their Speed. No stat can go lower than 0.) Look below in order to see the change in both physical prowess and anatomy dependent on your stat level.
Show Strength Stats:


Magick is a sacred art special to the people of the World, variety's seemingly endless as different culture's continue to discover new attributes to this day. In the beginning, Alchemy created the world and the Legendary Beast's from scratch. Fire gave birth to the flaming rock which was sooner later distinguished by Water. Throughout era's of never-ending war between the two, both found love within each other's differences giving birth to Earth and Wind. With these four elemental's combined life became sustainable on the planet we stand on today, however within times of catastrophic war between the four weapons of mass destruction were created. Beast's of various elemental's fought one another shaping the landscape with their inhumane ability's. As human life developed, the elemental's hid the beast's within the confinement of the world's furthest corners known to existence. Humans later on learned the ability to manipulate the power of the elemental's themselves, however no where near to the same efficiency as the Legendary Beasts. Look Below for the Magick Stats.
Show Magick Stats:


In order to prevent unfair favoring in individual's favor, Speed is used to base a character's max movement velocity and reaction time. In order to reach the human body's limitations, a character's Strength cannot be over 19. Therefore, a character deducts 1 SP out of Strength for each stat put into speed in order to balance both. The more meeker a character's structure is the quicker reaction time they'll have. Agility is key in order to flea or strike quickly, gaining the upper-hand against slower opponents. Look below for the Speed Stats.
Show Speed Stats.:


Think you can take a hit? Think again! Each character's armor rating specify's how much damage they're capable of taking. In order to take a hit, a character must train solely in defense. When an individual places 1 SP in Defense, they're capable of enduring a hit of 1 Strength. Whenever an individual of similar or lower strength attacks, a successful parry will result into little to no recoil. This doesn't necessarily mean the individual cannot get hurt, seeing defense only works with PLATED ARMOR. Even if you've maxed Defense an individual can land a fatal blow if they pierce the skin. Since Defense is based off of your opponent's strength there's no need for a Stat explanation.


Without Stamina a character's endurance is petty. A warrior must provide more than Strength when providing their hand in battle, therefore Stamina is a necessity. Whenever an individual increases their Stamina by 1 SP They gain 2 PS (Physical Strike.) Physical Strike's determine how many times you can strike or dodge an opponent before becoming fatigue. Once an individual reaches 0 PS, their character shall drop where they stand completely unconscious for five posts no matter the situation. A true warrior doesn't fool themselves by trying to surpass their physical limitation's without a back up plan. In order to regain Stamina, an individual must create a topic with [STAMINA REGEN] in it's name. The topic must conclude of 500 words in order to restore your Stamina. Due to the fact that Stamina is simply PS based, there's no need for a stat explanation.


Mana is a Magickian's favorite comrade in battle, used in order to mold their elemental Magick. Without Mana, a character's Magick is rendered useless incapable of using any spells resulting to their physical prowess for survival. Whenever an individual gains 1 SP in Mana, they will gain 5 MP (Mana Points) in return. In order to restore Mana a character must create a topic with [MANA REGEN] written in the name, writing up to 500 words explaining your meditation progress. Once complete, you shall regain all MP. Due to the fact that Mana is simply MP based, there's no need for a stat explanation.
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What are Skill Points?
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