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 How do I get Skill Points?

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PostSubject: How do I get Skill Points?   Sat Sep 26, 2015 8:18 pm

Skill points have specific limits depending on your character's ranking. However, one's capable of meeting these limitations throughout personal progress, questing or other various ways specified below. Every adventurer starts as a Page whom is simply a nobody training to become a soldier. Whether you'd classify yourself as talented or not your Skill Points will tell otherwise in combat. Every Page starts with a complimentary 50 SP to put into their Stat Points, beginning the process of molding your character's development. However, you're only capable of maxing up to 100 SP as a Page, if an individual manages so they should contact moderation to permit them for a promotion exam. Below states what ranks obtain how many stats whenever promoted, keep in mind stats do NOT stack! Therefore, Monarch's only are capable of gaining 350 SP not all in total.

  • Monarch - 150 SP on promotion. / Maxing in at 350 SP.
  • General - 125 SP on promotion. / Maxing in at 300 SP.
  • Knight - 100 SP on promotion. / Maxing in at 250 SP.
  • Squire - 75 SP on promotion. / Maxing in at 200 SP.
  • Page - 50 SP at start. / Maxing in at 150 SP.

How Do I Claim Skill Points Otherwise?
In order to gain Skill Points your character must develop in away we consider legit within our update system. In order to prevent meta-game, cheating and other problems which may cause conflict we've created a way for our members to role-play happily while having little no cheating possible! Please look below in order to figure out which way you'd like to develop your character on Sacred Quest!
  • Quest's - Quest's are usually given by Monarchy or Generals to Warriors or Mercenaries. Most involve adventuring across the continent in order to defeat Monsters or discover unknown land.
  • Commission's - Commission's are similar to Quest's, however any Adventurer is capable of taking them on in their NATIVE land. Merchant or other desperate individual's may request certain materials, giving money or item rewards in return.
  • Training - For every 500 words you write which doesn't involve any Quest's, Comission's, Weaponry/Armory or Spell claims your character shall receive one Skill Point to distribute into the desired Stat. This can be done by any means necessary which don't involve the stated above.
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How do I get Skill Points?
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