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 Origin of Magick.

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PostSubject: Origin of Magick.   Sun Sep 27, 2015 3:46 pm

Magick's Origin

Magick Was bestowed upon humanity by the ancient's of the Elemental's themselves, capable of using their legendary art to simplistic comparison of the Deities. Iris, the Deity of Vex used her Magick combusting a meteroite within mere moments, incinerating the molten rock into what is the Sun today. She who had once ruled the universe, however despise her ignorance another Deity slumbered million of light years away upon a marble we call Earth today. Briggs, the Deity of Equanimity slept peacefully for era's on end before being awoken by the ray of sunlight beginning to stretch across the universe. Fully rested, Briggs happily lived his life within the confinement of his proximity, using his Magick to create vast ocean's of water. Infuriated, Iris incensely despised Briggs, angered she rapidly increased the heat of the glorious orb within the sky. For centuries on end both fought vigoriously trying to prove their standing point within their existence, finally agreeing on meeting face-to-face with one another. Shockingly the two opposites bonded with one another's distinctive differences, later-on coming to amidst on peaceful terms. As era's passed both Iris and Briggs gave birth to their first child Zephyr the Deity of Apprehension, creating what seemingly is a never-ending current we call wind. Within years these currents began to combine with one another, creating the atmosphere of their little home. Not much longer Gaia the Deity of Rapacity was given birth to whom was responsible for flourishing the land with life with the help of her brother's oxygen.

Conflict grew as Iris and Briggs began their recent disputes, their differences becoming more than which one would consider in-comprehensive. Children grew mixed feelings for both of their parentals, their role model's dependent on whomever leaned more towards their desires. This created complete and utter chaos within the family, quickly splitting up as Iris took Gaia as Brigg had Zephyr under his wing. Unlike previously, the two Deity's had created a civilization to fight form in order to claim in both their own honor. Beast's were created manipulating alchemy to it's furthest extent, another war disputing between the lands which each claimed as their own. Horrific creatures classified as Legendary Beasts were created, roaming the land before noting an unknown civilization, humanity. Deciding to put their selfish ways to an end in order to allow the human race to develop without the fear of extinction. In order to prevent any more catastrophes caused by there's magnificent monsters, each Elemental agreed to imprison the beast's underground within confined caverns below the surface of the earth.

How Elemental's Work

Since the elemental's split up several era's previously, character's around the world develop their primary elemental dependent on where they're born and genetics. Unlike Deities, human's are not capable of mastering an elemental to any caliber similar. Even compared to a Legendary Beast, a Monarch may be quarter of the monstrosity's strength. However due to our adaptable anatomy's we're capable of harnessing multiple elemental's. In order to advance further than the basic four elemental's a character must develop multiple in order to finalize their own unique art. Please read the Magick System thoroughly as it explain's the differences in primary and secondary Magick's.

  • How Many Elemental's Can I Have? Every Page starts off with the Elemental of their homeland, therefore momentarily everyone's starting with Wind. Once you've reached Knight you're capable of learning a secondary Magick up to B-Ranked spells. If you're capable of becoming a General you can learning a tertiary Magick up to C-Ranked spells.
  • How Do I learn Advanced Magick? In order to learn advanced Magick one must sacrifice the ability of using multiple basics in order to create one finalized Magick. This can never be reversed, creating a unique element combining multiple styles of Magick. Look below in the Advanced Magick section to see what we have to offer.
  • Does our magic have to be similar to what we're taught? Are the skies blue? Of course unless you've trained to alter the art you're taught yourself you cannot manipulate a spell to create your own. Until you've hit Knight rank, you're incapable of creating custom spells and must go off of by what you're taught!
  • Can we Teach Magick to Others? Unless you have created that spell, or it's specified as OPEN TO PUBLIC you need permission to do so. Some spell's are classified as unique or special with different requirements which prevent other's from learning certain ability's. However, only a Monarch or their General's are capable of teaching an Elemental to a foreigner, no one besides such power has the knowledge nor ability to do so.
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Origin of Magick.
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