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 How to Fight!

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PostSubject: How to Fight!   Sun Sep 27, 2015 6:11 pm

Fighting Tips!
Let's be honest, if you're checking out this section you're either learning to develop around our system or you're new to role-play. Don't worry, our tutorial is both elaborate friendly in order to assist the community in their adventures. Fighting is one of the key roles of this site, which actually plays a different role compared to many other role-plays. For instance, we use a stat system which involves hit-points and other various stat's which will decide whether you win or lose your battle. Take your time to read the information below before getting into any form of conflict, seeing it may result in your post being voided due to improper role-playing.

STEP ONE: STANCE. - No one simply runs into combat flailing like an idiot other than, well... Besides the point, your character must first pull their weapon from their sheathe or whatever it's currently in. While doing so, a proper warrior gets into stance specifying their structure in order to use their stance and weight to their advantage in order to prevent opponent's from doing the same. Specify your surroundings, SPECIFICALLY Your character and not the other unless they're in a proximity you're familiar with and they're not. However, you cannot elaborate the distance between one another until both have had their introductory post.

STEP TWO: STRIKING. - Alright, we're here and ready to party! Now... What do you do next? It's dependent on your character's stats, therefore let's start with favoring speed over strength. Instead of attacking first, perhaps trying to dodge an opponent is your best solution, angling your blade vertically to slide down their weapon in the nick of time. Using their momentum to your advantage to counter with your own attack, while favoring strength is dependent on your intelligence and brute force. Think like the warrior, BE the warrior!

STEP THREE: DETERMINING DAMAGE - Damage determination is possibly the most confusing part of role-play, therefore your stat's are used to choose who had the faster reflexes, quicker movement time, strength, etc. Look over the stat's thoroughly in order to get an understanding how everyone works, the more Strength or Magicka the more damage. While Defense Negates -1 Physical Strike per Strength of the opponent's, using this in order to calculate your finalized damage against the opponent.
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How to Fight!
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